Earlier this morning, this editor’s 11-year-old son came downstairs into her office and asked her why Obama had allowed so many atrocities to take place for illegal immigrants and their children along the border while he was still president. And then he wept for the conditions we’re all reading about at the Virginia detention center …

And of course none of this happened and actually this editor’s son came downstairs, demanded a Lunchable, and then farted very loudly in her office.

Because he’s a kid.

You’d think by now the Left would have figured out nobody is buying what they’re selling when it comes to ‘woke children.’

But no.

Kids don’t think like this.

Charles C.W. Cooke explained how kids really think …

Now. We’re not 100% sure if Charles meant this as a slam on the cartoonist but it’s just so perfect and seems almost too coincidental.

If not, his timing was still so amazing.

Smart kid.

Good point.


That they are.

Just not woke enough.


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