Man, we are seeing this horror story everywhere about a detention center where young immigrant children as young as 14 were ‘housed’ in Virginia … during the Obama administration.

What’s really shocking (not really) is watching people try and frame this as something the Trump administration is doing, like Jesse Lehrich, OFA comms director.

Yeah, we’re totally shocked, and we bet you are too.

Obama should absolutely answer for these crimes against humanity.

Let us know when THAT happens.

Yeah … has Jesse seen what Obama said about these asylum seekers?

Pretty much the same thing with just a lot more ‘I’s,’ ‘me’s,’ and ‘mine’s’.

And make sure they all vote for Democrats.

These people are so damn transparent.


Going to guess he does NOT have a comment.


Seriously, all we can do is point and laugh.

Scandal free.


So far we’re not seeing too many of them pulling the story down.


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