When the Left FINALLY figured out we have an issue with families at the border (which the GOP has been talking about for years) they TEARFULLY demanded the GOP act. So Ted Cruz came up with a decent piece of emergency legislation that would have stopped children from being ‘stolen,’ but Chuck Schumer said NO NO, Trump can fix this with his pen, it’s on him. SO then Trump wrote an EO and what happened? The Left said it wasn’t good enough.

Which tells us all what we’ve known from the get-go, that this was never really about helping these families and their children, it was about taking it to Trump

Heck, Ron ‘Thinks Twitchy is a Russian Site’ Perlman even admitted as such.

So, does this mean Ron thinks we should put kids in cages? Asking for a friend.

He could hardly wait to play the ‘HA HA TRUMP GAVE IN’ game.

Sad, ain’t it?

If one really cared about helping those families, absolutely.

But let’s not pretend Ron or 90% of the Left really gave a damn about helping these families. It was all about the outrage and painting Trump as Hitler.

That’s all they know.

She just literally described Hollywood … all hate, no substance.



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