There Kamala Harris goes again, pretending ‘we’ made a promise to the so-called Dreamers when in fact we did no such thing.


Obama made this ‘promise.’

Americans did not.

And in fact, we could take this a step further and point out that in making them this promise, Obama literally set them up to fail. If Democrats really cared about immigration reform they had two full years to do something about it when they had a super majority, but oh no, they were more concerned with jacking up our healthcare system.

Ok, that’s not fair, some Democrats apparently do care because they LIT Kamala up for her tweet:

Uh-oh, Kamala, they see through you.

Yikes, he went capslock.


Stop acting.

And of course, a few Conservatives got in on the action and blasted Kamala as well.

It’s his fault for taking the lazy way out.


Nailed it.

Nice try Kamala, but NO.


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