It all started here with a Donald Trump tweet, which most of our stories these days seem to do. Truth be told, this editor often times cringes when she sees Trump tweeting (sorry, not sorry) but this morning, after reading those horrendous texts between two FBI agents … Trump has every right to be ticked off.

Not an unfair statement.

Which of course means John Harwood got his britches all bunched up over it:

There’s just one problem with Harwood’s tweet.

It’s messy.

A to the men.

And Laura’s point about Weiner’s laptop is incredibly important knowing Comey claimed he didn’t realize he was Huma’s husband.

Even Jake Tapper backed Laura up here:

Ok, full credit where it’s due and it’s due here for CNN.

Mad props.

Join the club, Ed.

Actual EL OH EL.

Happy Friday!


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