New York Times, never stop being the New York Times.


Between NYT and CNN we have SO much to cover.



From The New York Times:

If you’re trying to do so, I recommend keeping your focus on the big picture. The report addresses one question that’s more important than any other: Did the Justice Department and F.B.I. use their power, as Trump has repeatedly claimed, to help Clinton’s campaign and hurt his?

In the lead-up to the report, Trump’s allies agreed that this was paramount. “The central question in my opinion,” David Bossie, Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, wrote this week on the Fox News website, “is did Hillary Clinton and her cronies get preferential treatment in her email server investigation for political reasons?”

And the report’s answer is clear: No.


Maybe he missed the texts from FBI agents saying they would stop Trump from winning and that his supporters are middle-class to poor ignorant pieces of sh*t. Notice how he encourages his ‘readers’ to keep their focus on the big picture which really means he doesn’t want them to read the report and just take his word for it.

Sad trombone, not happening.


New York Times.

‘Nuff said.


Maybe we should get him a copy of the report with more pictures in it?

In other words, the media.



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