Good news government types! Sharyl Attkisson is giving you loads of credit in her last piece for The Hill.

Well, sorta.

From The Hill:

When it comes to questionable behavior by some inside our intel agencies, there are endless termite tunnels to crawl through and not enough investigative bandwidth — or will — to examine each one.

She continued

Yet, too often, the feds have redacted information in an apparent attempt to obstruct efforts to investigate their actions, or to prevent the release of material that implicates them in embarrassing behavior or wrongdoing.

In other words, they do whatever it takes to cover their own backsides, truth and facts be damned.

They are more than willing to put in the hours redacting all sorts of tidbits to protect themselves.


Good question.

It was Santa, right? Had to be.

We should know, but that doesn’t mean they’ll tell us anytime soon.

Especially if it in anyway implicates them.

What is that old saying? Tick tock?


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