Gun grabbers seem to be working overtime to pass laws that ALREADY EXIST when it comes to gun control. It would go a lot better for them if they just admitted they want complete and total confiscation, otherwise, they leave the door open for meanies like us to make fun of them and their efforts.

Take this tweet from Kamala Harris on domestic violence and gun laws …

For being an attorney, Kamala seems pretty clueless about the law.

It’s gonna be a long year up to the midterms.

Gayle is a great-grandmother, and she is onto something here.

Kamala, listen to your elders.

Quiet you, she’s busy pandering to women.

And let’s not ignore the giant elephant in the room, that it’s already illegal for a man (or woman) who has been convicted of domestic violence to legally own a firearm. But hey, maybe if we pass a second law it will make it DOUBLY illegal this time.



You’d think if Kamala really cared about this issue she’d be pushing for more women to arm themselves and learn how to carry.

But ultimately she’s not pushing for women’s safety, she’s pushing for gun control, and mentioning the idea of women defending themselves instead of waiting for the law to do it for them defeats her purpose.


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