The first rule of Twitchy is you DON’T TALK ABOUT TWITCHY.

Ok, so that’s not true and hey, we’d really appreciate it if you keep talking about Twitchy.

No no, the first rule of Twitchy is DON’T complain about being Twitchied on an open timeline because if you do and we see it we will likely double down on Twitchying you and make fun of you mercilessly.

Yeah, we’re not always nice. For shame.

Take for example this poor ‘Stephen Robert Morse’ fellow who took issue with a piece we wrote about him nearly a month ago …

Who sits around Googling themselves?

Wait, that sounds sorta dirty, don’t answer that.

Seems when he Goolged himself he found that he’d been Twitichied, and he didn’t like that we curated his own tweets so he hit up Michelle Malkin … who sold Twitchy years ago. Now you’d think if he was busy Googling he’d have looked up who owns us at this point.

But then again it wouldn’t have given him an opportunity to try and troll Michelle for attention.


It’s worth a Google, Stephen.

Not really.

We hope she kept her receipt.

He got so got!

We see what they did here.



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