We know, you were sitting waiting with bated breath to read Jim Acosta’s take on the Trump/Kim summit … ok, maybe not but you were probably looking forward to kicking him a little for ultimately trying to make this about himself.

Which of course he did.

From CNN:

The first episode of this close encounter with Kim had the whole world binge-watching, from the first handshake to the dictator’s tour of the presidential limousine, known as “The Beast,” courtesy of Trump.

Gone are the days of “fire and fury” and “Little Rocket Man.” In response to shouted questions from reporters after his one-on-one meeting with the dictator, Trump beamed that the two leaders were already off to an “excellent relationship.” Trump praised Kim’s love of his country, sizing up the strongman as “very talented.”

TFG, right?

It was pretty bad.

Sad but true.

Seriously, Jim is his own worst enemy.


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