These poor, BRAVE journos. Day in, day out, covering the evil Trump and spouting their own agendas and narratives while complaining that no one takes them seriously, HOWEVER do they make it through?

They must have some serious tiger blood or dragon energy, just sayin’.

Our heads are SPINNING TOO.

Imagine a president who tries to make ‘peace’ with North Korea, the nerve, right?!

And meanwhile, Canada should totally get a pass because they have the best maple syrup …

Maybe their heads are spinning because instead of reporting the news they’re looking for which angle will appeal to their audience.

Or perhaps it’s like Brian Stelter says, they’re NUMB.

Oh, our sides.

Whoa, Bri, even the Left is getting sick of your shiznit.


Danger Will Robinson.

But … Russia?

Whoa, dude, this was not good.


Hear that, Bri?

Yes, CNN and the rest of the media not only helped create Trump but they all but elected him.

And now they want to complain about how they’re numb.

Womp womp.


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