We get what Candace Owens was trying to say with her tweet on #MeToo.

At least we think we do.

What we THINK she’s trying to say is that feminists treat women like they are too stupid and weak to stand on their own and the #MeToo movement has been overrun with such feminists.

But the actual premise of the movement is not that women are stupid, weak, and inconsequential. It is, in fact, the very opposite because many smart, strong, and important women (and men) have been victims of sexual abuse and/or harassment and it must stop.

Several people took issue with Candace’s tweet:

In addition to a good deal of anger from the Left and the #MeToo movement itself, several from the Right/Conservative Twittersphere also seemed to take issue with Candace for her tweet.

This. ^

Not. At. All.

This was pretty bad and we’re hoping that Candace might rethink the tweet and address people’s concerns … we shall see.



Conservatives must be better.

All day long.

It’s one thing to call out silly third-wave feminists who think there really is such a thing as fart rape, it’s quite another to paint women and men of a movement like #MeToo as stupid, weak, and inconsequential.


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