All the Left had to do was NOT be crazy.

Or spend 24 hours a day crying on Twitter …

Guess that was just a little too much to ask of them. It started here with Brian Schaatz (note, this editor kept from making a childish joke about his last name and it was really, really, really, really hard).

Ooooh, he used BIG words so you know he’s super serious.

MUAHAHAHAHA! That’s right! Republicans snuck into SCOTUS chambers and stole Garland’s seat even though he hadn’t been appointed. You know, this argument is almost as pathetic as the whole, ‘Hillary won the popular vote so we should dump the Electoral College’ bit … almost.

From here on out the thread just got more and more hilarious, even though we doubt seriously that Ian was amused.

Sounds fair.


If people like Ian weren’t blowing hot air they’d have no air to blow in the first place.

Wait, that sounds bad.

Never mind.


Yes. This. ^


Psh, of course he doesn’t.

He works for ThinkProgress.


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