The picture below has been making its way around social media for days now with plenty of Leftists shaking their angry little fists at the president claiming this photo shows how rude Trump is.

How little he respects the rest of the world.

How he’s just a big ol’ meanie head.

How THIS is surely a sign of the end of times.

From ABC News:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel found the contentious Group of Seven summit with U.S. President Donald Trump a “sobering” and “depressing” experience but said European leaders won’t be “taken advantage of” on trade.

She conceded in an interview on German public television Sunday that the meeting’s outcome “wasn’t a great thing.”

And paired with THAT picture, wowza, right?

Interesting how they leave this other picture out of the story and how it’s NOT going viral.

It was taken just moments later …

Looks like a group of people laughing, right? Which sort of takes away from the angry Merkel and the whole ‘Trump is alienating the world’ BS being tagged along with the other picture.

Oh media, don’t ever change.

And another:

Wait, Trudeau was taking a seat NEXT to Trump.



We know damn well which photo they would have published if this was Obama and Merkel.

Many are arguing that this isn’t a second later, and that’s fine. But clearly, it took place within moments of the other photo PROVING that while the meeting may have been tense, it wasn’t as awful on a personal level as the media wants us to believe.



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