Remember when Tommy Vietor just drove a van around?

Good times.


Really, Tommy?

Because you know what, there’s this little tidbit about Obama and German that’s sort of sticking with us that we can’t seem to let go. What is it again?

Oh, that’s right …

Allies always spy on one another, right?

No WONDER these guys are so confused about the whole #Spygate thing.

They think spying is what friends do.

Guys, just so you know, friends don’t spy on each other. All good now? Awesome.

Maybe Tommy should have stuck with driving a van.


You know you were thinkin’ it.

Wait, you mean people who aren’t tensely negotiating have more fun watching a sporting event together.

Clearly, we should blame this on Trump.

Tough call.

We say dunk on both of them.

Why not?


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