David Frum seems to think that America is his child and that he must WORK and SLAVE in order to take care of her because she’s sick … by writing annoying articles, tweeting annoying tweets, and doing obnoxious interviews with Brian Stelter.

News fatigue. Really? LOL.

Of course, these are the same yahoos who pretend they’re as brave as firefighters running into burning buildings so color us NOT surprised.

The media literally helped create Trump and all but ELECTED him, and they don’t know what to do now. And we agree with this gent, they started attacking so loudly from the get-go that at this point most of what Americans hear from the media is just more noise.

Then they whine that no one takes them seriously.

Shew, right?!

Welcome to traditional media in 2018.



Yes, it’s American’s fault that Trump is president because they’re not informed.

Holy Hell the arrogance here.

David, dude, this is why people don’t like the media.

That. ^

They are literally handing him the 2020 election.


Oh, people like Frum and Stelter love to hear the sounds of their own voices, we don’t expect they’ll stop talking anytime soon.


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