Welp, this happened.

Yeah, we mocked him with our headline … no one ever accused us of being overly mature.

A half-eaten cereal bar?


And ok, full transparency, this editor laughed a lot.

Of course, this is not the first time Ms. Duca has taken issue with Chris Cillizza and to be quite honest we’re not entirely sure why she seems to have such a distaste for him but whatever he did it MUST HAVE BEEN bad.

*we voted for sentient tater*

Reading through this thread we feel a little bit like we’re in the ‘Upside Down’. The Left complaining about CNN?

Like we said, he must have REALLY screwed up.

Not likely.

What’s happening here?

They’re not talking about Sean Hannity or Fox News?

So confusing.

Yeah CNN, do better.

Us too.

If you insist.



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