Aww, poor Bill Clinton.

He’s SUCH a victim …

This was actually a pretty good interview from Craig Melvin. Most journos aren’t quite this direct when asking Bill about Monica Lewinsky, so kudos to Craig. Of course, Bubba sputtered and was quick to play the victim when asked if he feels responsible for what he put Monica through.

‘I left the White House $16 million in debt.’



On both points.

Clinton made being a serial sexual harasser acceptable; to this day most people on the Left double and triple down to defend him.

While we agree that Bill was likely part of what happened with her campaign, we still think the main reason Hillary lost was Hillary.

Good luck with that.

Well, that depends on what the definition of ‘is,’ is.

Psh, that’s putting it nicely.

A tiger like Bill never really changes his stripes.


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