What sort of low-life do you have to be to suggest Melania Trump WHO JUST HAD MAJOR SURGERY has been missing from the public eye because the president is physically abusing her?


Who in their right mind thinks this is at all something that makes sense, let alone something you tweet out to thousands of people?

Stop it.

Jamil. No. Just no.

Alien abduction … we knew it!

And of course, Jamil jumped the shark spectacularly because it gets his anti-Trump base all riled up. You should see the ridiculous tweets on his thread saying how they’ve always wondered if Trump is secretly beating her and other horrible things about the couple.

The Left really can be just horrible, folks.

With the way the Left and the media treat her, why SHOULD she make herself available? Look at how they’re behaving when she’s not around. They’re absolutely ridiculous.

It’s repugnant.

Wow, Jamil, when you’ve lost someone who’s not a Trump supporter you KNOW the tweet was really bad.

Well, we were reminded of this very fact earlier this morning when Bill Clinton was interviewed about the #MeToo movement, but fair point.


Yes, yes he is.

Ha! We see what he did here …


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