Sharyl Attkisson is a seriously brave journalist.

She openly tackles and covers stories she KNOWS will get her harassed not only by keyboard warrior-type idiots but even by the government. Perhaps when the Obama administration allegedly hacked her computer they picked a fight with the wrong woman.

This week she covered unproven rape allegations being used for smearing political opponents.

And speaking of picking a fight with the wrong woman, this story got the attention of Media Matters president, Angelo Carusone:

Angelo didn’t watch it.

Obama’s unofficial PR firm is after Sharyl, color us NOT shocked.

Seriously, at this point Sharyl might have to buy some of these yahoos lunch, they just keep proving her theories and stories CORRECT.

She didn’t.

He didn’t watch it.

And she just OWNED him, HA!

Hey Angelo, thanks for helping Sharyl sell her book.

WOW and yikes, right?


Textbook indeed.


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