Kaitlin Bennett is the gal who took a grad photo of herself with her AR-10 in front of Kent State. She also happens to be an advocate for Campus Carry which is a slightly different take from what David Hogg has been promoting when it comes to preventing gun violence in school.

Arming and training students to defend themselves from the bad guys versus disarming and making students defenseless.

Seems she came up with a way to perhaps shut David up and protect the Second Amendment at the same time.

Hrm, this sounds fair to us.

And considering how badly David want us to turn in our guns you’d think he’d be all over this.



Hey, we didn’t say it.

#4. He gets to boycott Kaitlin.

Wonder what the Vegas odds on this would be?


Ours too.


Although we wouldn’t hold our breath on this happening any time soon.


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