This morning, President Trump pardoned Dinesh D’Souza and many on the Right were very pleased with this, including Kristy Swanson.

While this editor is fairly neutral with Trump’s pardon, she understands why some people are very pleased about it. D’Souza was targeted by the Obama administration and made an example of … which is obvious because they didn’t do a damn thing when it was revealed that Rosie O’Donnell donated WAY more than the legal amount to Democrats by using various names and addresses to do so.

Tom Arnold though was somehow so triggered by Kristy Swanson that he threatened her.

Oh, look, Tom is being horrible to another woman on Twitter again.

Color us not shocked.

And what does he mean by, ‘This is your final warning’? What’s he going to do, berate her on Twitter more? Be even more disgusting than he already is in this tweet? And let’s be honest, what makes Tom think she even knows or cares about who he is?

Dude, where do we even START?!

Not if they’re on the Right.


Seems like Tom’s on a Twitter high since Roseanne lost her show over a tweet.

He’s not necessarily a bright guy in the first place, but this was stupid, even for him.

In fact, he went full Tom Arnold, and you NEVER go full Tom Arnold.


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