It’s astonishing to us how easily freaked out the Left is by Trump.

We know, we say that a lot but WOW, really? The man takes a photo with Kim Kardashian and it’s all we see all over Twitter, except of course a bunch of tolerant progressives defending Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless c*nt’.

Ron Perlman took it upon himself to ask his followers to berate and harass Kim … when the Left shows you how gross and sexist they are, believe them.

We’re going to guess he won’t like ALL of these captions.

Awww, look at his suit.


Really all Ron did was remind us all how sexist and gross the Left is … and why Trump will be president forever at this rate.

Check out this hot mess:

Look at how many ‘favs’ are on this tweet.

But tell us more about how it’s the Right that’s sexist.

This one’s bio just says, ‘Peace.’

Hilarious, right?

You know this sad person worked really hard on this tweet.

And we wonder WHY they celebrate someone like Samantha Bee using a sexist slur against Ivanka.

These people.


You know what, we can’t. Reading through these captions (and there are thousands) all we see is a bunch of gross, hostile people who lecture us about how sexist the Right is.

Yeah, we just can’t.


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