Hey now.

Is Debra Messing REALLY busting on Shaun King?

*Checks coffee once more to make sure it hasn’t been spiked*

Yup, she is.

Check this out …

This article.


From tabletmag.com

Shaun King is an example of a very public failure to live up to anti-oppression values in the social justice movement. When Jewish-Americans expressed anger that King’s friend, Tamika Mallory, attended events and partnered with Louis Farrakhan, his response was deeply inappropriate. He accused Jews who were angered by her behavior of being liars. When he was gently called in by Jewish supporters who expressed both admiration and disappointment, he said he “would not allow”Tamika Mallory to be accused of anti-Semitism. When Jewish musician Regina Spektor, who performed at the Women’s March in L.A. and had supported King’s efforts in the past, expressed her frustration and pain at the situation, he blocked her. He then proceeded to show us the kinder, gentler side of the Nation of Islam by tweeting pictures of Farrakhan hugging a young man who says he saved his life.

Debra was good enough to pull out some pieces from the article she found to be impactful.

Actually really well done.

Oh, and we think we found Shaun King’s sock puppet on Twitter:

Ok, Shaun.

Wow again.

And yes.

Seems Hillary supporters haven’t quite forgiven Bernie just yet.


Good times.


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