That surreal moment when as a child of the 80’s and a huge Gen-Xr you find yourself writing about Richard Marx being an a*s on Twitter and you check to make sure no one spiked your coffee …

Folks, Twitter gets more LIT every day.

This hot mess started right here, but sadly we cannot share Richard’s tweet because he deleted it, but you can probably get a decent idea of what he wrote.

We’ll never know.


Hey Richard, can we call you Dick?

Well, to be fair he had more than one hit and may have even had a few songs do decently in the 90’s but fair.

Someone seems a tad bit sensitive about being called a one-hit-wonder.


Completely unaccomplished. Fascinating.

Wow, Dick is making this overly personal for some reason at this point.

Ok, walk away Richard.


She handled this well but c’mon Dick, that was nasty.

Oh, and for his claim on why he deleted the original tweet … ain’t nobody buyin’ it.

Says the troll.

Perhaps Richard should have just put the Twitter DOWN.


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