You know it’s 2018 when you see a Texas senator challenging a so-called comedian to a game of hoops.

Perhaps it’s more of a Twitter thing?

Nah, it’s a current-day politics thing.

Apparently, Jimmy Kimmel went after Ted Cruz as the ugliest animal in the world hours after Roseanna had been canceled for her comments about Valerie Jarrett. Yes, we are well aware of the bias in the entertainment world, and that if Roseanne had said something mean about Sarah Sanders, Condi Rice, or Ivanka Trump she would still have a show.

But the timing of this was pretty damn blatant.

We’ve gotta admit, we kinda sorta dig Ted’s way of addressing Jimmy and his nasty comment:

A game of hoops, for charity.

Not bad.

Funny how the ‘evil’ guy on the Right isn’t screeching that Jimmy should lose his job because he said something gross.

This is where the whole thing just gets silly though …



That could work.

So Jimmy Kimmel in a crop top and kilt, playing hoops one-on-one with Ted Cruz.

We told you this gets silly.

At this point, Jimmy hasn’t officially accepted Ted’s challenge, but it is our hope that Ted can make this happen.


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