This is CNN.

Because you know, it’s TOTALLY news that some retired teacher went through and grammatically corrected a letter supposedly written by the president.

And people give US a hard time for covering silly stuff even though that’s our jam.



By comparison, the form letter that Yvonne Mason received from Trump, which presumably was written by a staffer on his behalf, is a model of care. Yet Mason, a retired English teacher in Atlanta, thought the letter was so riddled with errors that she marked it up, posted a photo of it on Facebook, and sent the “corrected” version back to the White House. I know about this incident only because The New York Times thought it was worth a story, as part of a continuing series on what a huge doofus the president is.

Don’t get me wrong. The president is a huge doofus. But Mason’s markup of his letter does not reinforce that point. In fact, none of Mason’s corrections is correct, although there are at least two mistakes in the letter that she neglected to note.

Whoa boy.

And CNN interviewed her.

Talk about a banana.

You can’t make this crap up.



Don’t look at us.


If Obama made mistakes it was endearing or part of his charm.

Pathetic, right?

Too late for that, man.


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