Between Samantha Bee’s gross comments about Ivanka Trump and this nasty headline from the New York Post about Kim Kardashian, the ‘tolerant’ Left has really shown its as* in the last 24 hours.

Stay classy, New York Post.

This was pretty decent from Alyssa Milano, calling out the New York Post for their disgusting headline about Kim Kardashian … we ALMOST find ourselves applauding this except she has yet to address the other ‘unacceptable sexism’ trending in the news today, that of Samantha Bee calling Ivanka a ‘feckless c*nt.’

Sadly, Alyssa’s followers attacked her for standing up for Kim, so our guess is she will not be defending Ivanka anytime soon.

Imagine being this angry.

Were they asking this about the endless times Obama welcomed endless celebrities to the White House?

Gonna guess no.

Leftist women are so accepting and tolerant.

*eye roll*

That’s an awfully big BUT you have there …

See, it’s ok for women who think differently from the Left to be sexually harassed in headlines.

Paul says so.

Maybe Alyssa will figure out who’s REALLY sexist looking through her own thread …

Then again, maybe she won’t.


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