Hey, would one you do us a solid and check to see if Hell froze over?

Surely at least the gates are a little frosty after this tweet from Kurt Eichenwald giving props to President Trump for pardoning Jack Johnson.

Color us shocked, Kurt.

And judging from the reactions on this thread, the Resistance was equally as shocked as we were, but for a different reason.

Look at this butthurt:

Dude, really?


This is why you never, ever try to appease the Left. It’s never enough for them.

See what we mean?

The man could cure cancer and these schmucks would complain about the oncologists he put out work.

Sheesh, if it was just a photo-op Obama would have been all over this.

With a selfie.

They still can’t figure out this crap is why Trump won.

And will win again in 2020.


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