If only the screeching, hysterical Left would have watched the whole video about what Trump really said (you know, calling MS-13 gang members the animals they are) they would have saved themselves a good deal of mockery.

But then they’d have to find something else to rage about … which we all know wouldn’t have taken them very long.

It all started here:

MS-13 gang members aren’t people.

They are animals.

Trump said nothing wrong here.

But leave it to Father James Martin to take him out of context and virtue signal on steroids:

That’s. Not. What. Trump. Said.

Side note, this editor is Catholic and writing about a Jesuit priest is tricky … that being said, his tweet is just really out of line.

And sorry Father, but Jesus is the lamb of God, just sayin’.

It’s a big one too.

Humility, Father?

We are hoping he’s just misinformed …

And Trump didn’t call illegal immigrants animals.


Let us pray.


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