The Leftist media adores Jennifer Rubin, a so-called ‘Conservative’ who never fails to feed their deliberately misleading narrative about President Trump. We get it, she doesn’t like Trump but c’mon already, if her hatred of him is such that she would totally betray Conservative ideals it’s seriously gone too far.

As if on cue, the media has been screeching about Trump supposedly calling ‘some illegal immigrants’ animals … when it was painfully obvious he was talking about the animals of MS-13. You know, the ones who murder people and then put their heads on stakes?

They ARE animals, sorry not sorry.

Rubin was front and center to virtue signal to her heart’s content:

Speaking of disgusting, see Jennifer’s deliberate effort to push a lie for her hateful narrative.

Don’t give her any ideas, man.

We wish we could say this is unbelievable but it is Jennifer Rubin we’re talking about. We’re sure MS-13 appreciates her support though.



Not a great look, Jen.


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