YIKES! Chelsea Handler CRAZY defensive after getting schooled over LAME-AF Founding Fathers tweet

Posted at 8:21 am on May 17, 2018 by Sam Janney

Chelsea Handler talking about our Founding Fathers like she actually understands or cares about them is a little like seeing a dog head on a human body, it’s just not right and honestly almost makes you a little sick to your stomach.


Serious amounts of derp here:

Let’s not pretend Chelsea understands thing one about the founding of this country or about how the three branches of government work. Not to mention we’re still not a Democracy, no matter how many times Democrats like her try and claim otherwise.


Gordon, the woman can barely spell her own name let alone understand the fundamental basics of government.


Chelsea seems a tad defensive. Sheesh.

On that note though, Gordon is right, so the idiot and moron in this back and forth is Chelsea.


They do love to project, don’t they?


A moot point? Really?

But fair on Chelsea.



Chelsea doesn’t seem to be making any friends lately.

That’s putting it nicely.