Shannon Watts strikes again.

Seriously, this woman needs a new hobby.

She shared this:

Which got the attention of Don ‘War Marchine’ Cheadle:

You know, the guy who plays War Machine in the Avengers movies.

Because being in a movie where there are LOTS AND LOTS of guns isn’t hypocritical of him or anything.

Holy Hell.

If only these famous types would crack a History book, just once.



Another Hollywood elite who doesn’t understand the Second Amendment.


Yes, it’s so confusing when you start talking to actual, legal gun owners and they’re smarter than you are about guns.

Perhaps if they’d shut up and listen they’d learn a thing or two.

Don thinks everyone is laughing at the #2A supporters.

He would be wrong.

Umm … yeah, it is.

FYI, you always know you’re winning a debate with gun-control harpies when they pull the nuke card.



Psh, War Machine should know better.


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