New Zealand apparently wants Hillary to go live there and she has been giving it some thought.

Or at least that was the joke she told earlier today.

Jokes aside, as far as we’re concerned they can have her.

From Mediaite:

“I’m still proud of the campaign we ran and the 65.8 million Americans who supported it,” she said. “So when people ask me ‘how are you doing?’ I say, well as a person I’m okay. But as an American, I’m concerned.”

Clinton then joked that she received invitations to move permanently to New Zealand. “I must say I really did appreciate the offers,” she said. “Gave them some thought.”

Don’t let the door hit ya’ …

She lost so she jokes about bailing.

She should definitely give it some more thought.

We’re so in.

Look at how helpful everyone is being, Hillary.

Well … bye.

Join the club.


We see what you did there.

So long, farewell …

Just another promise broken.


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