This. Is. So. Damn. Cool.

Oliver North will become the next NRA President in the next few weeks.


Oliver North who called on Bill Clinton to resign.

Who said Clinton wasn’t his president.

Who fought for this country.

Great fit.

Wanna see a bunch of snowflakes melt?

Check this out:


Wait, we thought it was a Russian thing?


Interesting how little homework haters do before tweeting hateful crap.

Gosh, ya’ don’t say?

From the LA Times, 1991:

A federal judge on Monday dropped all criminal charges against Oliver L. North, the central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal, ending a saga that the former White House aide characterized as “five years of fire.”

U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell dismissed the case at the request of independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh, who said that testimony provided last week by North’s former boss, Robert C. McFarlane, made it unlikely that North’s previous convictions could be reinstated.

From the New York Times, 1991:

A Federal judge dropped all charges today against Oliver L. North, bringing to an abrupt end the five-year prosecution of the former National Security Council aide that was the most celebrated and hotly contested legal battle of the Iran-contra affair.

But snowflakes are gonna snowflake.

Let them.


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