We’re not entirely sure what Sen. Brian Schatz was trying to accomplish with this nasty tweet but it’s pretty safe to say he failed.


Oh, we get it. Picking out caricatures of the GOP who seriously shouldn’t be running is some sort of gotcha.

Right. Forget that Trump himself has come out against Blankenship …

Hate to break this to Bri, but extremists come in all political flavors. Schatz-for-brains.

He should clarify.


Seems the good senator from Hawaii is a tad confused about the extremists on his own side of the aisle. There are some fairly anti-Semitic Democrats out there, like the guy who blamed the Jews for controlling the weather?

And the GOP should do a better job as well.

Sadly, Americans have gotten a bit lazy when it comes to politics and who they support and vote for.


Less than admirable, HA!

Conservatives had a good laugh at his tweet as well:

It doesn’t take an extremist to know that in order for the government to give something to one person it must first take it from another.

That’s the reality of the federal government.

But we suppose if Schatz wants to play this game …

We’ll sit back and laugh.



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