Pro-aborts are GNARLY.


Look at this nonsense from Jennifer Wright pretending that abortion is somehow a noble choice and claiming limiting abortion is somehow taking away their rights.

Iowa’s abortion law protects innocent life, so of course, it totally freaks the pro-aborts out. They desperately want to continue playing the ‘it’s not a life’ game, and this bill proves otherwise.

Oh, that’s it. So this is about rich people keeping poor people from having abortions.


It’s so hard to tell … thank goodness Ben Shapiro stepped in:

The only way Jennifer’s ridiculous Handmaid’s Tale reference makes any sense is if women don’t have any choice in whether or not they become pregnant. And sorry ladies, having sex can lead to a pregnancy, so if you don’t want to take that chance don’t have intercourse.

This is not difficult.

When abortion was made legal it was to be safe and RARE, not on demand and certainly not to be used as a convenient form of birth control.


And at the same time a very powerful tweet.



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