Santa Claus, the Pope, and a Canadian feminist walk into a bar …

Seriously, when you hear someone say ‘Canadian feminist’ you wonder what the punchline might be at the end of their statement. Hey, nothing wrong with Canada (we love maple syrup!) but c’mon with this, if she/he is going to tweet openly about supporting a total ban on Americans she is fair game.

See, we’re being gender sensitive:

Well, we’d support a total ban on Canadians if it meant we never had to hear another Bryan Adams song, so there.

Guess how this went over.

Canada would form their own Twitter and call it Canadian MySpace.

Hey, be what you want to be but if you act like a duck we might think you’re a duck.

Or a Canadian feminist.

We can think of a couple of things that are worse (we do cover Chelsea Handler ya’ know) but this is pretty bad.

Which explains a lot.

Canadian Progressives.

Damn right.


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