Upon first glance, one might thing Roseanne was being serious with this tweet and YIKES, what the heck. But upon further thread inspection, you can see it was a perfectly worded nugget of snark gold.

The way CNN has refused to cover anything OTHER than Stormy Daniels (and now how it was supposedly Sarah Sanders fault that April Ryan was an unprofessional arse during the presser yesterday and then went on to brag about fist-fighting Sarah with the former mayor of Baltimore), so Roseanne’s dig is perfect.

Maybe CNN missed it but there is some big stuff happening in the area of North Korea … just sayin’.

Stormy’s timeline is definitely NOT safe for work.

But you know, she’s the Left’s answer to impeaching Trump now that Russia seems to have disappeared.

Perfect follow up from Roseanne:

Sad, ain’t it?


But that doesn’t feed their preferred narrative, silly.

And honestly, Roseanne should get her receipt because she just OWNED CNN.


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