CNN just keeps on digging that ugly, nasty, bully of a hole when it comes to attacking Sarah Sanders. From April Ryan to Ana Navarro and now to Chris Cillizza, they are really just a bunch of mean-spirited ‘journos’ who still don’t understand they are their own worst enemy.

Like this garbage from Cillizza:

From CNN (sorry):

To the extent Sanders retained credibility among the White House press corps, she lost it with that answer. Admitting that you misled the press because the President misled you is tantamount to taking your credibility, pouring gasoline on it and then setting it on fire.

The Point: A boss who would not only mislead you but also do so knowing full well you would then put your credibility on the line publicly to defend that misinformation, is a boss no one should be willing to work for. That includes Sarah Sanders.

Right, it’s TOTALLY Sarah’s fault that members of the press behave like raving three-year-olds who haven’t bothered to get potty trained yet.

Wonder if Chris realizes he just made the same point about HIS bosses at CNN? Which would mean in essence he made the case that he should quit.

Fair question.

Wow, Chris, this went well.

Let us know when you give your two weeks …


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