Yesterday, Twitchy covered this tweet from Alyssa Milano, who clearly doesn’t understand how the states work. Apparently, Oklahoma passed a law overnight legalizing open carry in the state, which is the law in several other states as well.

And even though Alyssa doesn’t live in Oklahoma, she took issue with THEIR law …

Now, we covered up to this point in the other story BUT here is where it really gets good.

Enter Mickey White.

Silly, Oklahoma is too dumb to think for itself so they need Alyssa to tell them what to do and stuff.

This tweet got Alyssa’s attention:


Oh wow, she really doesn’t understand how any of this works.


Wait, that might not work here.

Then again …

Oh brother.

It’s as if she doesn’t understand the people who elected Oklahoma legislators are the ones they’re representing, not the NRA. Surely, if she paid attention, she’d understand that if they thought their constituents didn’t want open carry they’d vote against it because a couple thousand dollars from the NRA is hardly worth losing their office over.

But we digress.


Another day, another Alyssa outrage.



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