Wait, is this federal judge saying prosecutors would bring a case against someone associated with Trump just to hurt Trump?

Get outta here.

Crazy talk.

Although, to be fair …

The fact a federal judge stated he though this case was brought against Manafort as an effort to ‘get Trump’ says a good deal.

Of course, it also sounds like Manafort could very well be guilty BUT it sounds like the judge may be questioning if this would even be on their radar if they weren’t trying to find something, anything, to hurt Trump?

A hyper-partisan statement about a hyper-partisan case.


Welcome to 2018.


The responses from the Resistance types on this are HILARIOUS.

That’s not what the judge said, Nancy.

Again, that’s not what the judge says.

Psh, the Left is so dramatic.

And if this judge had somehow said this proves that Trump is corrupt this same whiners would be cheering him.

They’re so transparent.


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