Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of hearing about Stormy Daniels.

Yup, this editor put her hand up too.

Guy Benson summed the Stormy situation up perfectly, much to the chagrin of many Dems who are counting on THIS to be the final nail in Trump’s coffin.

Narrator: It’s not.

Guessing that whole North Korea meeting with South Korea and then freeing US citizens detained in the country has had a tad more impact on his numbers than the whole porn star thing. Not to mention tax cuts, Gorsuch, job growth and an improving economy.

And stupid.

In other words, most Americans are tired of the distractions the Left keeps desperately putting out there in hopes that THIS TIME, Trump will be impeached. We’re tired of their temper tantrum and would rather they simmer down and let the president do his job.

Lots and lots of sighing going on these days.

Oh yeah, Nancy?



Join the club.

Ugh, and they’re trying so hard.



By the way, what ever happened to that whole Russia story? Hrm?


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