Not long ago, Kanye West broke Twitter by sending his support and admiration to Candace Owens … so it only makes sense that the two would finally have an opportunity to meet. And, considering their entire ‘meeting’ wouldn’t have taken place at all without Twitter, it only makes sense that they would share a photo of their meeting.

Wow, Candace is TALL.

And this photo is awesome.

Now, whether or not Kanye has joined ranks with the Republicans, he has opened up an amazing dialogue about the history of the party by asking questions and doing research. John Legend was more than happy to pop up and play the ‘southern strategy’ card, which was quickly shut down by CJ Pearson.

It’s been fascinating.

That being said, many people on the Left feel like Kanye has betrayed them … and you can tell from the way they attacked Kanye and Candace in this photo.

Dude. Give it a rest.

We’re pretty sure Kanye doesn’t care what you ‘buy.’

So Kanye looking at different points of view is somehow ‘playing around with peoples’ beliefs.’

Alrighty then.


Sad, ain’t it?


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