Wow, this has gotta sting, Hillary.

A lot.

When Leftist rags like The Atlantic are even telling Hillary to take a hike … HA!

We love this:

From The Atlantic:

Considering Clinton’s own complicated relationship with the media (actually, it’s not that complicated—she hates us), it was heartwarming to hear her passionately defending the Fourth Estate. Admittedly, she couldn’t resist taking some shots at coverage of the 2016 presidential race. She brought up “the Russian disinformation campaign” and how it “has been abetted to some degree by the way politics has been covered.” She pointed to studies “showing how the mainstream political coverage was influenced by the right-wing-media ecosystem and other factors to depart from normal journalistic standards,” and she name-checked the Harvard professor Thomas Patterson for calling “the false equivalency in the coverage ‘corrosive’” and saying “the relentlessly negative news has had a ‘leveling effect that opens the door to charlatans.’” Even so, she couched her criticism in praise for some media outlets that have recognized their mistakes and taken the “brave step” of “publicly examining” their screw-ups and working henceforth to “avoid the errors that helped put Mr. Trump in the White House.” Coming from Clinton, that’s practically a mash note.


We’d be seriously heartbroken.


Now her cult, they flipped out when they saw this … *popcorn*

Yes, please keep trotting the mean old lady out like she matters. We dig it.

Or better yet, Hillary should go knit something.

Russia Russia Russia!

Hillary has not shut up about her loss and it’s been nearly two years.

But hey, if you guys want to lose during the midterms in November more power to you.

Concern trolling.


They’re not out in the open b*tching and moaning that sexism cost them an election.


But Trump.

Man, this was SO good.


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