People have too much free time on their hands.

Hey, we’re just as guilty, we cover these same people who have too much time on their hands which means we have DOUBLE the amount of free time on our hands …

First world problems, right?

Anyway, Erynn Brook (a person you’ve likely never heard of) claimed she would write one tweet about toxic masculinity for every one ‘like’ her original tweet received and holy cow, talk about a long and frankly stupid thread.

There is no way in HELL we’re covering all of these. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

This editor is a female, and she has absolutely done this.

Like Justin Amash, he is easily a 10.

But we digress.


Alrighty then.

You know she’s a blast at birthday parties.

Isn’t that sort of what she’s doing? You know, never mind.

Calm down, cupcake.

But if you’re making good money and taking care of yourself and your family, MORE power to you.

Who are these people?

You know that face you make when you’re in an elevator with a bunch of strangers and you know someone broke wind but you don’t want to say, ‘MY GAWD, WHAT IS THAT STINK?’ Yup, made that face.

We can’t even.

Nag nag nag.

Or better yet, just don’t wear it.

Ok, that’s enough.


Like we said, some people have a LOT of free time on their hands.

Oh, we have to include just one more … this is our favorite.

*waves to Erynn*

*thumps chest*

SJWs are gonna SJW.


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