Brian Stelter is truly his own worst enemy.

No seriously.

If he spent less time whining about how the poor media is mistreated by mean ol’ Republicans and especially Trump he MIGHT be able to repair some of the damage the media has inflicted upon itself over the past decade.

But meh, it’s easier to complain on Twitter.

Undoing the media.

No no, the media did that to themselves.

With some help from that other guy who was president for a while … what’s his name again?

Yeah Bri, let us know when Trump starts actually spying on journalists and trying to have them arrested, thanks.

Their poor fee-fees.

Heh. The same people who are supposedly terrified of Trump want to give him all of our guns. They’re not the brightest crayons in the box, now are they?

Wait, you want them to actually report NEWS?! You monster!

Brian does seem to really take issue with Fox & Friends getting Trump interviews and his attention.

Poor lil guy.

And sorry media, but we see you.


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