Yesterday, Kanye West was sharing texts he had received from various people giving him information on the history of the Republican party. From Thomas Sowell to John Legend, he was sharing some hefty texts … and in the case of Legend, some hefty lies.

Luckily for Legend, a 15-year-old black activist by the name of CJ Pearson was front and center to set him and others straight.

Awww youth.

Seems Legend wasn’t exactly thrilled with CJ’s history lesson, unfortunately.


If those are Legend’s facts, bruh, he needs to go back to school.


Facts are always inconvenient for people pushing a revisionist history.

Like John Legend.

Clinton carried the south in the 90’s … but yeah, ‘magical shift.’

Ooh ooh, we know.

And plenty of people were more than willing to help educate Legend.

This is actually very sad.

And all too typical.

Let’s hope Legend learned something.


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