Last week, Twitchy covered Kanye tweeting that he couldn’t be a conservative because he hadn’t done enough research into what it means to be one. Sounds fair, yeah? Well today, to prove that he’s doing his homework perhaps, Kanye shared multiple texts on Twitter showing different viewpoints on the history of Republicans.

And it’s fascinating.

We’re going to guess Democrats would not like Kanye tweeting this, but it’s the reality of the Democratic Party.

These texts are from JL, who we’re going to guess is John Legend but it couldn’t be someone else …

You gotta fact check this stuff.

That’s adorable.

And ahem, that’s what Kanye is doing, John.

Or whomever JL was.

Thomas. Effing. Sowell.

Kanye is learning today man.

We love this!


Ben Shapiro is our guess.

Plenty of Republicans were more than happy to help Kanye out.

Facts don’t care about your feelings … that’s how it goes, right?


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