Watching the Women’s March pretend that Alyssa Milano is in anyway intimidating to the NRA made us laugh … a lot.

God bless ’em.

She’s unstoppable? Unless there’s an Elf on the Shelf giving a Nazi salute, sure.

Remember that? She supposedly saw a display of elves ‘heiling Hitler’ and lost her shiznit all over Twitter because of it, even though she didn’t bother to post a picture of the offensive display.


Honestly, if we’re going to talk about unstoppable let’s talk about this gal who took on the Women’s March and Alyssa, with only a handful of followers.



Mic dropped and such.

Oh good, mansplaining.

On a Women’s March thread.

You’ve gotta be sh*tting us.

She’s standing her ground.

We dig it.

None of your damn business why she needs the NRA.

Well-regulated means fully functioning and clean, but hey, whatever.


They kept at her …

You’re a DUDE.

She wins.


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